Piotr Michnikowski. Sculptor artist. Born in Warsaw in 1960. He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a diploma at the Faculty of Sculpture in the studio of Prof. Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz in 1985. He works in bronze and ceramic sculpture – mainly in the RAKU technique, building abstract musical instruments, and creating spatial structures.

The subject matter of the works is apparently very diverse. However, reflection on existence and asking questions about the essence of man’s inner life always dominate. One of the artist’s most important and unique projects is a series of ceramic reliefs using the painterly nature of ceramic glazes, created mainly according to his own recipes.



  • 1992 – Haus am See, Hanower
  • 1995 – Ceramics and Sculpture, BRAMA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1996 – Ceramics and Colour, BRAMA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1996 – Ceramics and Sound, Gallery of the District Centre for the Promotion of
    Culture Praga-Poludnie, Warsaw
  • 2000 – Painting and Sculpture, BRAMA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2000 – Sculpture and Ceramics, BORKA Gallery – Sentimental Place, Warsaw
  • 2001 – Exhibition “Paintings and Pictures Painted with Glaze”, BRAMA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2001 – Sculpture, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2002 – Sculpture, Poniatowka Gallery, Błonie
  • 2003 – Sculpture, Sybase headquarters, Warsaw
  • 2003 – Exhibition “Variations on the Horse Theme”, Zakrzów
  • 2005 – Exhibition “Sculpture with Music”, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2017 – Exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Za Regalami Gallery, Leszno
  • 2021 – Exhibition of paintings and sculptures, GPS online gallery
  • 2022 – Exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Willa Toscana, Warsaw
  • 2023 – Exhibition "Pieces of Colours" – ceramic reliefs and sculpture, PROM Kultury, Warsaw


  • 1994 – Exhibition “Ceramics – Structures, Meanings”, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko
  • 2004 – Exhibition “Horse Workshops”, Zakrzow
  • 2005 – Twenty Years Later, DAP Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2019 – Exhibition “PLEXUS”, Imaginarium Gallery, Lodz
  • 2020-2022 a series of exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, SOPRA Gallery

“I work in many threads, on the border of various techniques and arts. I am mainly interested in deepened feeling and non-verbal reflection, which remains in the sphere inaccessible to rational analysis, but is vividly present: the one in which a person can only find himself, but cannot create it. I am curious about all aspects of human existence as an extraordinary fact. In art, I am not interested in provocation or opposing anything. Instead, I prefer to search for universal references and inner peace.”

“My works are intended to be a mirror in which the recipient can see themselves every day, just as I see myself in them while creating. Art is a message, not so much of thoughts, but of subtle emotions and sensations that often go unnoticed by us and are ignored, and it is they who actually make our world. This world.”

“Life sometimes falls into pieces. The only thing you can do about it is put it back together. And in fact, maybe the whole thing is always made up of different pieces that don’t always fit together … Nothing is perfect, although everything is.”